The Creation

Hello World!

Welcome to Ray Ray - We Got Sole, I am Tara Knowles, the founder of the Brand. We are a Handmade & Bespoke shoe retailer. I created the collection first in my mind during my early teens in 2016 in reality. My shoe size is a Size 9/10 – UK.    

Now I know this may sound dramatic, but if you are a shoe size 8+ then I'm sure you'll agree with me. The struggle is ridiculous. But what other's won’t see or understand is what it effects! What you can and can’t wear!, or what clothes you can or can't buy. This then effects your self- esteem and confidence - with many other issues stemming from one place! Lack of SHOES!.  I have found over the years that many other not only Women like me, but many young girls too, still struggle to find STYLISH footwear in their size, stuff that’s still in fashion, something to wear with the current fashion era, and even the old.

Originally, I wanted to create a style of shoe in a larger size, No research was necessary to know the GAP in the market is huge - Then the idea progressed to become a larger sized women’s shoe brand, and even teamed up with a men’s brand Peter Zack. Which means, we are not only a Brand but also a Retailer of other designers & undiscovered Brands. Have a brand?

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So after many thoughts and ideas I decided to create my own line consisting of 7 styles, With a variety of colours. I wanted to provide/create what I wanted but forever unable to find in my size. So I’m excited to announce the launch of the first collection AWC18!!.This is a little taster for what’s to come in the near future - From Bespoke custom made collections, to bespoke wedding shoes. Sizes Available in the collection range from 3-10 UK - Any other size request can be made for you.

Drop us a message or give us a call. Thank you for visiting my online store! Hopefully there is something for you,

If not let me know and let’s create something even better together!

My Fellow Big Feet Ladies - Sending out some sole love ;-) xx

 Tara x